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Cleanroom equipment is a critical part of maintaining the cleanliness of a cleanroom.

The various types of equipment used in a clean room to maintain a particular cleanroom class across or in the work area are
called cleanroom equipment.

Clean room equipment mainly consists of a stainless steel structure, various types of filters, a statically and dynamically balanced blower, a differential gauge & electrical control, and an operational panel.

As per guidelines, proper equipment types are required to operate and work in the cleanroom.


    The Equipment used in clean rooms are as follows

    Clean Room Equipment Manufacturer

    Clean Room Classification

    table 01
    Clean Room Equipment TDS

    a Classification including 5µm particles may be considered where indicated by the CCS or historical trends.
    b For grade D, in operation limits are not predetermined. The manufacturer should establish in operation limits based on a risk assessment and routine data where applicable.

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