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Sterile Manufacturing Vessel

Sterile Manufacturing Vessel

Staying true to our beliefs, we’ve advanced the technology of creating clean and safe pharmaceutical solutions. This leads us to be the leading suppliers of sterile vessels, capable of producing injection solutions, medications in small volumes, inhalers, and other such products. And since we’re highly regulated, this certified technology means a lot!

The pharmaceutical industry uses a sterile manufacturing vessel to prepare injections, sterile medications, small-volume medications, and inhalers.

The Sterile Manufacturing Vessel is an FDA, WHO, and cGMP-certified sterile manufacturing vessel used in the pharmaceutical industry. The vessel is a quality product manufactured according to international standards.

The vessel is integrated with a standard or magnetic stirrer as per user requirements & specifications (URS). 

Increase safety and efficiency with this do-it-all vessel! The Vessel can be engineered with either a standard or a magnetic stirrer!

An industrial-grade electric motor is attached to the vessel for stirring function & a variable frequency drive is configured to control the speed.

The vessel can be manufactured with a Jacket for electrical or steam heating or cooling for the product.

It is manufactured with the help of a highly skilled team that consists of designers, engineers, technicians, and welders. 

If quality & premium products are what you’re after, we have the perfect hygienic manufacturing vessels for you to use. These don’t just make good lookers, but they also do a good deed by helping control the degree of sterility and help avoid bacterial contamination. Remember to keep this in mind next time you need a vessel for production.

Designed in collaboration with leading research scientists – specific to microbiology and biotechnology work.

A seamless blend of bright glass surfaces for easy mixing of caustic or carcinogenic compounds with clear glass for easy visibility.

CIP and SIP designs are integrated throughout the brewing process with short piece lines and calibrated looping coils.

Dimensions that allow for smooth, clean, and organized flow in any location.

  • Aseptic Design of bottom outlet valve with zero hold up
  • The customized design incorporated diverse applications
  • Calibrated full-view glass for Sterile Mixing Vessel
  • CIP and SIP style design of vessel, fittings, and piping
  • Injection ports, and injection needles are available on the top of the lid
  • Volume monitoring by load cells
  • Process Automation
  • Sterility compliant
  • Magnetic drive, so no seals, no shaft, thereby eliminating contamination
  • Mixing head designed for vigorous mixing or low-volume blending
  • Sterile Solutions
  • Vial
  • Ampoules
  • I.V. Fluids
  • Aerosols
  • LVP & SVP Solutions
  • Vaccines
  • Injectable
  • Human Insulin
  • Serums
  • Plasma Fractions
  • Bacteria and cell cultures
  • LVP
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