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Static Pass Box, also known as Pass-Through

A pass box’s primary and only work is to pass materials from one side to the other, between controlled environments of different classes, to avoid airborne cross-contamination. Should any particulate matter be present on the surface of the material being transferred, it is swiped away during the operation. The prime feature of a pass box is the interlocking door mechanism – when the door on one side is open, the door on the other remains closed.

Those who work in cleanrooms know it well: avoiding cross-contamination between rooms with incompatible cleanroom classifications is essential to preserve the desired ISO classification and maintain the integrity of products and processes. One way to achieve this is by minimizing material movement.

Non-viable particles and microorganisms can cause contamination in a cleanroom due to the entry and exit of materials within the controlled environments. With this in mind, designing and correctly installing material transfer equipment is necessary.

Static pass boxes transfer materials between two rooms of equal cleanliness and are designed for minimal personnel movement. Static pass boxes are ideal when ventilation is not required – primarily for moving non-sensitive products between two cleanrooms of equal cleanliness. Static pass boxes must never be used to transfer material between clean and non-clean rooms.

Static Pass Box Is generally used in Grade C areas.

Are you looking for reliable and high-quality Static Pass Box Manufacturer in India for your pharmaceutical or laboratory or clean room facility? Look no further than Brinda Pharma! Our experienced team of experts use the latest technology to design and manufacture top-of-the-line Static Pass Boxes that meet industry standards and regulations. Contact us today to learn more about our clean room equipments and how we can help you create a safe and sterile work environment.

Features & Applications of Static Pass Box Manufactured by Brinda Pharma Ahmedabad

  • Available in various options like G.I. Powder coated, S.S. 304, or S.S. 316 Material
  • (As well as a mixture of any of the above)
  • Mechanical Interlocking System
  • Electro-magnetic Interlocking system
  • Wall Mounted as well as Floor Mounted options
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Heavy Duty S.S. Hinges and Ergonomic Door Handle
  • Pre-installed White and UV Germicidal Light
  • All in One Feather-Touch Controller for Door Release, Light On/Off
  • In-Built Hour meter for UV
  • Power supply single phase 220v 50hz
  • Full glass door as well as S.S. Door with View Panel
  • Internal Coving for easy cleaning
  • Sealing Flange for the gap between Pass box and Cleanroom Panel
  • Support Stand for panel-mounted Static Pass box
  • Flame Proof Fittings
  • Pass Box for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pass Box for Microbiology Labs
  • Chemical Research Laboratories
  • Electronic Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
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ModelTypeInternal Dimension
(Working Area)
(W X D X H) mm
External Dimensions
(W X D X H) mm
SPB-WM-450SSFloor Mounted450 X 450 X 450610 X 520 X 660S.S. 304
SPB-WM-500SS500 X 500 X 500 660 X 570 X 710S.S. 304
SPB-WM-600SS600 X 600 X 600760 X 670 X 810S.S. 304
SPB-WM-750SS750 X 750 X 750910 X 820 X 960S.S. 304
SPB-FM-900SS900 X 900 X 9001060 X 970 X 1063S.S. 304
SPB-FM-1000SS1000 X 1000 X 10001160 X 1070 X 1163S.S. 304
SPB-FM-1200SS1200 X 1200 X 12001360 X 1270 X 1363S.S. 304
SPB-FM-1500SS1500 X 1500 X 15001660 X 1570 X 1663S.S. 304
We at Brinda Pharma Technologies are committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients; that’s why we do 100% customization based on your needs.

For complete Customization, We follow the standard practice of understanding the URS – User Requirement Specification. Even if you don’t have URS, our experienced Sales Team can guide you to make one or choose one from the Industry Standards.

All Pass Box comes with the following:
  • DQ (Design Qualification)
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • Quality & Test Certificates For All Components (Traceability Certificate)
  • IQ (Installation Qualification)
  • OQ (Operation Qualification)
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Spare Part List
  • Warranty Certificate

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