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We are a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing laboratory furniture & fume hoods worldwide.

We manufacture all types of laboratory furniture for various industries like science & research, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Government, Food Service, chemicals, cannabis & others. In various laboratories, different types of furniture arrangement configurations are used according to usability and work being done in labs.

Laboratory furniture includes cabinets, shelves, countertops, and an electrical raceway.

Cabinets are lined up horizontally around the wall, and on top of the cabinets, a strong Countertop is put up, which helps create a platform.
Cabinets are made from Galvanized iron sheets and later powder coated for long life. It comes with various configurations like drawers, shutters & shelves. In some cases where microbial growth is a concern, Stainless steel cabinets are used. Countertops come with various options like Granite, Stainless Steel & Epoxy Resin. Sinks and water taps are mainly fitted on countertops for washing activities.

Electrical raceways are used to conceal all the electrical cables & sockets are mounted on top for easy access. It can be made in Stainless steel, G.I. powder coated, and PVC. There are two types of benches in the laboratory, one is called Work Bench and another is one island bench.

A Workbench usually has a depth of 750 to 900 mm or sometimes where large space is required on the countertop depth is extended up to 1000 mm too. An Island Bench usually has a depth of 1500 to 1800 mm or sometimes where large space is required on the countertop depth is extended up to 2000 mm too. It is placed in a large room usually in the centre. The main benefit of the Island Bench is that operators can work on both sides of the bench.

Sometimes, laboratory space can be an issue, even after having all the arrangements for large cabinets under the bench. To provide more space in the laboratory, Wall Cabinets are provided and mounted on the wall to provide more space.

We also manufacture as per your customized design & application usability.
We work with leading architects, designers & consultants to help you bring your dream project into reality.

We have our in-house Project, Design, Execution, and Production, as well as Installation Team, to complete the project in the required time frame.

Looking for a reliable laboratory furniture manufacturer in India? Look no further Brinda Pharma Ahmedabad is top lab furniture supplier. We offer a wide range of high-quality laboratory furniture to meet your needs. Contact us today!

  • Understanding and evaluating the Requirement of the Project & User Team
  • Standard Drawing & layout preparation
  • Client Site evaluation & availability of various utilities
  • Drawing Submission
  • Drawing Confirmation/Approval + Purchase Order
  • Handed over to Project Team
  • Product with strict House QC Team
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Handover
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