Cleanroom Rules

Concord Biotech Limited

Cleanroom Rules

  • Leave personal items outside the controlled environment
If items such as keys, wallets, phones, etc. must be brought into the cleanroom for any reason, ensure they stay concealed beneath appropriate cleanroom garments.
  • Do not eat, smoke, or chew gum inside the cleanroom
Wait at least 20 minutes after smoking to enter the cleanroom to allow the residual smoke to leave your clothing and skin.
  • Do not wear makeup, perfume, etc. inside the cleanroom
This introduces unnecessary contaminants into the room and compromises the cleanroom’s integrity.
  • Do not run or move more quickly than necessary within the controlled environment
  • Fast motions stir up particulate and lead to an increase in the contamination of products.
  • Do not enter the cleanroom if you’re unwell
Germs and other issues associated with physical illness should not be allowed within the cleanroom environment.
  • Do not sit or lean on equipment or work surfaces.
When you or your garments touch one surface and then another, you transfer any contaminants between the two. Limit the surfaces you touch to only those that are necessary.
  • Do not touch your face or hair with gloved hands.
If you need to tuck some hair under your bouffant or scratch an itch, properly exit the cleanroom to do so and replace your gloves before re-entering.
  • Don’t let anyone enter the cleanroom if they aren’t appropriately covered, with clean and gloved hands, face masks, covered shoes, safety glasses, etc.
  • Practice good personal hygiene. The people in the cleanroom must be clean; it’s as simple as that.
  • Cover hair and facial hair, you don’t need any stray hairs or hair oils making their way to your products.


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