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Laboratory Furniture
“Quality is the result of a carefully constructed physical and social environment. It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric.”

This is our belief at Brinda Pharma Technologies!! The way in which your working environment is arranged can be a major source of stress. A working centre is a hub of all developments and change. Today an aesthetically appealing and safe environment is quintessential for enhanced output and results.

Brinda-Pharma is your one stop shop which will provide to you all solutions for your pharmaceutical laboratory demands.

At Brinda Pharma we build practical, elegant, human-friendly laboratory furniture so that the scientists can dedicate their focus on the science of discovery and testing. Individual preferences and the scientist's sense of comfort and safety at his workplace, is of prime importance to us.

As pioneers in the field of providing for the pharmaceutical industry’s laboratories, Brinda Pharma Technologies has created its own range of dynamic Modular Laboratory Furniture in S.S., M.S. / Aluminium powder-coated steel. In tune with latest international trends in laboratories world-wide, we aspire to establish a harmony between design and engineering, experience and practicality and competence.

Allow us to Design your Laboratory :
Brinda Pharma has specialist designers who are engaged continually in the task of designing laboratory furniture. Masters of their field, they possess the expertise to meticulously design every aspect of laboratory. These include budgets, material selection, instrument space requirements, planning of ventilation and ducting systems. Interaction with your Architects, Consultants, Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC contractors will provide us an opportunity to understand your needs better ultimately leading us to provide to you the best of our services.

So, whether you need us to help you select a single cabinet or plan an entire laboratory, Brinda will be happy to assist you.

Call us today to Learn about our Attractive Terms.

Peninsular Benches
Bench Runs project from the wall or other Benches. Both sides are accessible. Laboratory Services - dry, wet or electrical run within the bench run. On bench facilities like Reagent Shelves, Service Fittings and Electrical outlets are provided. A Sink if provided on the free end of the bench offers a three-side access. Ideal for departmentalizing large open lab areas.
Standard Heights : 900mm (A series), 750mm (B series).
Standard Widths : 1500mm.
Optional Width : 1800mm.
Island Benches
Both sides of the bench are available offering substantial counter top space and ideal traffic flow in the lab. Various lab procedures can be segregated by assigning them to different island assemblies. Usually Sinks are provided on both sides of the bench.
Standard Heights : 900mm (A series), 750mm (B series).
Standard Widths : 1500mm.
Optional Width : 1800mm.
Wall Benches
Bench Runs run along the wall offering easy movement of traffic, laboratory Services-dry, wet or electrical run either on the wall or behind the Bench. Wall Cabinets installed on the wall offer easily accessible storage space.
Standard Heights : 900mm (A series), 750mm (B series).
Standard Widths : 600mm and 750mm.
Optional Width : 900mm.


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